80 delicious Recipe Ideas and Menus for Easter

Recipe Ideas for Easter

Finding Easter Recipes to be made for dinner can be super overwhelming: you can end up with a list which is too long to be real or with no useful ideas at all. I tend to cook Italian for Easter so my recipes are usually always the same: pastiera, lamb, casatiello, and so on. I recommend you check my Easter Recipes if you want to cook like a real Italian. I’ve also decided to get inspiration from awesome worldwide bloggers to provide you with a list of 80 delicious recipe ideas for Easter: the massive list you can read above, includes pretty much everything. Appetizers, main dishes,  desserts and also vegetables: basically, you can organize your Easter menu by picking one recipe for each course from the list I’ve made for you.

Now, off we go: here for you 80 delicious Recipe Ideas and Menus for Easter. Click on the link to get the recipe, ingredients and method included.

Easter Appetizer Recipes

Deviled Eggs

Easter Main Dishes recipes


Easter Side Dishes Recipes

Carrot Easter

Easter Desserts Recipes

hot cross cookies