deviled eggs
Deviled Eggs Recipe: click for the recipe of these simple and classic deviled eggs with all the tips and advice to make perfect deviled eggs at home.
Alberi di pancarrè
Christmas Tree Sandwiches Recipe: how to make these simple and delicious Christmas Sandwiches? Click for the recipe and advice.
barrette per colazione
Coconut and Dried Fruit Breakfast Bars: easy and healthy, this breakfast bars are the perfect way to start your day. Click for the recipe.
frittelle dolci
Italian Carnival fritters - Easy and Quick Recipe. Check this recipe for perfect Italian Castagnole, Italian Carnival fritters to be made at home
recipes avocado toast
An avocado toast and a few variations to make your lunch or snack more exciting. Download the recipe card and the video recipe for a perfect avocado toast.
fried cod
An easy-to-follow fried salt cod recipe directly from Rome for Christmas and not only. Learn how to make the traditional "baccalà alla romana".
apple roses
Slices of apple placed inside puff pastry, rolled and with a shape of a rose. These are the apple roses made with puff pastry and here it’s the recipe to make them at home!
An easy and super quick pizza made with a secret: bread instead of the dough! Give it a try with this recipe!