Polpo e patate
Octopus and Potato Salad Recipe: click here if you're looking for the original and traditional Italian Octopus and Potato Salad recipe.
pasta fredda al salmone
Cold pasta salad with salmon: an easy recipe for summer. Use a good pasta, a good salmon and prepare your cold pasta salad with salmon recipe.
Spaghetti colatura di alici
Colatura di alici di Cetara, a traditional Italian recipe for a special pasta to be cooked for Christmas. Click here for more information.
Salad Nicoise
How to make a perfect and classical niçoise salad: follow the recipe and start bringing some France in your home.
impepata cozze ricetta
The peppered mussel, also known with their Italian name "impepata di cozze", are easy to make. Follow the traditional Italian recipe from Campania region.
cozze gratinate ricetta
This traditional Italian recipe will allow you to cook amazing baked mussels au gratin (cozze al forno) to be served with some white wine.
Stuffed tomatoes
An easy recipe to be made hot or cold: tomatoes stuffed with tuna. Read the recipe and start making your tomatoes today.
fried cod
An easy-to-follow fried salt cod recipe directly from Rome for Christmas and not only. Learn how to make the traditional "baccalà alla romana".