cookies cioccolato americani
Chocolate chip cookie recipe: a dreamy treat, easy to make at home from scratch. Follow my easy and quick chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch.
chocolate mud cake in a mug
Chocolate mud cake in a mug recipe: this individual cake can be baked in the oven or microwave. Read the recipe and start assembling your ingredients for your mug cake.
pretzel cioccolato
Chocolate covered pretzels: easy and quick recipe. How to make pretzels covered in chocolate in 10 minutes. Check my recipe and make your pretzels.
biscotti san valentino
Heart-Shaped Jam Cookies for Valentine's Day: recipe for a simple and lovely batch of Heart-Shaped Jam Cookies just in time for Valentine's Day.
Struffoli napoletani
Struffoli recipe homemade: from Naples to the world. Struffoli are a Neapolitan fried balls of dough covered with honey and funfetti.
The recipe of the icelandic rhubarb tart or happy marriage cake, Hjónabandssæla, and the story behind its name and its consumption.