burrobirra harry potter
Butterbeer Recipe from Harry Potter, Best and Easy Butterbeer Recipe. How to Make Butterbeer. Click for the recipe and make your Butterbeer.
dolci zucca
50+ Pumpkin Dessert Recipes: click and have a look at the Best Easy Pumpkin Desserts you can bake at home for Thanksgiving and Christmas
torta zucca
The easiest homemade pumpkin pie recipe for Thanksgiving. Click for the easiest ever Pumpkin Pie Recipe for your Thanksgiving and Christmas.
torta marmorizzata ricetta
The best marble cake ever. Click to have a look at the recipe to make this easy and traditional marble cake with chocolate at home.
Pumpin spice latte
How to make Starbucks pumpkin spice latte at home. Click for the step by step recipe to make the famous Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte at home.
macedonia verdure calde
Learn how to make an easy and quick cooked vegetable salad with hazelnuts and sesame seeds. Click for the recipe of this cooked vegetable salad.
pandoro farcito
Pandoro with mascarpone cream for a merry Italian Christmas: follow the recipe and the video recipe and make this Italian pandoro with mascarpone cream.
panettone gastronomico
Savory gastronomic panettone is a big sandwich for family and friends. Discover the recipe for this savory gastronomic panettone.
Struffoli napoletani
Struffoli recipe homemade: from Naples to the world. Struffoli are a Neapolitan fried balls of dough covered with honey and funfetti.
Insalata russa ricetta
Russian Salad Italian Style: typical recipe for Christmas and all year round. Click here for the recipe of this typical Russian Salad Italian Style.
Spaghetti colatura di alici
Colatura di alici di Cetara, a traditional Italian recipe for a special pasta to be cooked for Christmas. Click here for more information.
Crema al mascarpone per panettone e pandoro
Learn the Italian recipe for this mascarpone cream that can be eaten alone, paired with more ingredients or used for other desserts.
Barm Brack Irlanda
Irish Barmbrack is a traditional Irish fruitcake: follow my recipe for a perfect Irish Barmbrack for Halloween- Click here.
Pairing Chocolate and Alcohol
How to Pair Wines and Chocolates? How to Pair Spirits and Chocolates? Learn this article to start learning how to pair alcohol and chocolate in the best way.
vitello tonnato ricetta
Vitello tonnato recipe: Italian veal with tuna recipe. Learn how to make this amazing Vitello tonnato or veal with tuna with the Italian recipe. Click here.
pan di zenzero
Gingerbread house recipe: a step-by-step guide with all the instructions for baking, assembling and decorating a gingerbread house for Christmas.
Saffron Swedish lussekatter
The recipe for making the swedish saffron buns at home. They're saffron infused S shaped rolls made for St Lucy's Day.
Insalata di rinforzo
One the most traditional Neapolitan Christmas dish: the reinforcement salad or insalata di rinforzo. Try this recipe for a perfect Christmas.
Bread and butter panettone
Try this easy recipe to mix an Italian tradition with an english one: a perfect bread and butter pudding recipe with panettone for all the family!
fried cod
An easy-to-follow fried salt cod recipe directly from Rome for Christmas and not only. Learn how to make the traditional "baccalà alla romana".
pandoro ricetta
Pandoro means golden bread: a traditional Italian Christmas cake. Learn all the secrets to make the pandoro at home with this Italian recipe.
ricetta panettone
An easy-to-follow Panettone recipe from Italy for a perfect Italian Style Christmas.
The zelten is a typical Italian Christmas cake from Trentino Alto Adige. Rich and luscious, learn how to make it and serve it for Christmas.